11 Things That Only Cat Owners Know

Cats have a multitude of characteristics that are widely recognized and adored by many, including their cuteness, cuddliness, and judgmental nature, which can often rival that of your closest friend.

However, there are certain aspects of owning a cat that only those who have experienced it can fully comprehend. Some of these may evoke feelings of adoration, while others may be downright repulsive (e.g., the fact that your cat could be using a litter box somewhere in your home at this very moment). Nonetheless, these peculiarities are all part of the unique and enjoyable experience of being a cat owner.

Keep reading for a glimpse into the strange, comical, and occasionally concerning world of cat ownership that only feline parents can truly appreciate.

1- Never are you without cat hair on you.

Keeping your clothing free of cat hair has become a lost cause. Despite your numerous attempts at lint rolling, buying special vacuum attachments, and avoiding certain colors, you’ve given up. In fact, having your clothes covered in your cat’s hair is like carrying a piece of them with you at all times, and that’s actually quite endearing… isn’t it?

2- You Stopped Placing Anything on Anything

One of the things we’ve learned from the internet is that cats have a tendency to knock over anything and everything from any surface. Whether it’s your carefully arranged coffee table decor or a vase of fresh flowers on your kitchen counter, your feline friend will not hesitate to ruin your efforts. And if you leave your iPhone within paw’s reach on the counter, be prepared to face the consequences without AppleCare.

3- Cat Butt in Your Face Doesn’t Frighten You

Cat owners frequently come into close contact with their cats’ behinds. Although it may be somewhat unpleasant, it’s actually a positive indication if your cat presents her butt to your face. This behavior suggests that she enjoys your company!

4- You must keep toilet paper a secret from your cat.

Securing your toilet paper from your feline friend has become an essential part of cat ownership. Regardless of the quality of your toilet paper, the fear of being stranded without any paper is real. It makes you wonder, does your cat purposely enjoy watching you in this uncomfortable situation?

5- Cats always sleep, with the exception of between 4 and 6 in the morning.

Cats have a reputation for sleeping in sunny spots on the floor, and it’s not entirely unfounded. It can feel like they’re always snoozing in a sunbeam. But you know when they’re not snoozing? Right before your alarm goes off. That’s when they decide it’s time to run around, scratch things, and maybe even climb on top of you.

6- You neglect that your cat is actually doing its business in a box somewhere in your home.

Humans generally don’t consider the idea of using a litter box to do their business, unless it’s a dire emergency. However, for cats, it’s perfectly normal to poop in a litter box and leave it for their owners to clean up. And as an added bonus, they may even track some litter around the house. It’s just part of the deal when you’re a cat owner.

7- Your Cat Prefers His Cheap Bed to Cardboard Boxes

Despite your efforts to select the perfect bed for your furry friend, it seems that your cat has other preferences. No matter how many features or comforts you include in their bed, it’s often a simple cardboard box that catches their attention and affection. In fact, your cat might even prefer to curl up in a cardboard box rather than the bed you carefully selected and adorned with kitty-sized throw pillows.

8- You’re eating worse food than your cat

While you’re content with buying any regular food that’s on sale at the grocery store, your cat only eats the most premium, meticulously researched food that’s been specially formulated by a team of veterinary nutritionists. And to show their gratitude, they might even throw it up on your favorite area rug.

9- You acknowledge that your cat is in charge.

In a house with a cat, it’s clear who’s in charge. The boss of the house enjoys knocking things off counters, sitting on your laptop when you need to use it, and meowing nonstop at invisible things. There’s no use denying it.

10- Cats Don’t Understand Personal Space

To cats, personal space is overrated when it comes to showing affection to their humans. They will invade your personal space without a second thought, rubbing against your legs, curling up on your lap, and even following you to the bathroom. It’s their way of reminding you who’s really in charge.

11- You never know whether your cat will want to kiss you or bite you.

Cuddling with your cat on the couch is one of life’s simple pleasures until you accidentally move the wrong way and she suddenly freaks out, giving you a nasty bite before running off to another room.

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