7 Tips to Keep Your Puppy Content While You Work

Leaving your dog home alone while you’re at work can be a challenging situation for both you and your furry companion. While you may feel guilty about leaving them alone, your dog may experience anxiety and stress. However, there are ways to make the transition easier for both of you. Here are seven ways to keep your dog happy and content while you’re away.

Hire a Professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Hiring a professional dog walker or pet sitter is one of the most beneficial ways to keep your dog company while you’re away. They can provide your dog with the physical exercise and mental stimulation they need, reducing their anxiety and stress. Additionally, they can offer your dog the companionship and socialization they crave, helping them feel more secure and relaxed.

Professional dog walkers or pet sitters can also take care of other needs, such as feeding, administering medication, and providing potty breaks. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is well taken care of while you’re away.

Tips for finding a reliable and trustworthy professional:

  • Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or your veterinarian.
  • Check out online reviews and testimonials.
  • Schedule a meet and greet to ensure that you and your dog are comfortable with the professional.
  • Ask to see their certification, insurance, and references.

Provide Interactive Toys and Puzzles

To keep your dog entertained and engaged while you’re away, you can leave them with interactive toys and puzzles. These toys and puzzles offer both mental and physical stimulation, which can help reduce your dog’s anxiety and stress.

Benefits of interactive toys and puzzles:

  • They can help keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated, which can reduce their anxiety and stress levels.
  • Interactive toys can prevent destructive behavior and boredom.
  • They can also improve your dog’s cognitive function, memory, and problem-solving skills.

Recommendations for types of interactive toys and puzzles:

Treat-dispensing toys: Kongs, Busy Buddy, and Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel can be filled with treats and require your dog to figure out how to get the treats.

Puzzle toys: Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado and Outward Hound Hide-A-Bird are examples of toys that require your dog to solve a puzzle to access the treat.

Scavenger hunt: Hide your dog’s toys or treats around the house and let them find them.

Snuffle Mat: This mat has different levels and pockets that can be filled with treats for your dog to find.

Install a Dog Camera

Installing a dog camera can help provide peace of mind while you’re away from home. By checking in on your dog, you can ensure that they are doing well and identify any problem behaviors that may be occurring, such as separation anxiety.

Benefits of a dog camera:

Allows you to check in on your dog and ensure they are doing well while you’re away from home.

Helps you identify any problem behaviors, such as separation anxiety. Provides comfort and reassurance that your dog is safe and well. Some cameras come with two-way audio, which enables you to talk to your dog and comfort them. Recommendations for types of dog cameras:

Furbo Dog Camera: This camera is designed specifically for dogs and includes a treat-tossing feature, allowing you to remotely dispense treats to your dog.

PetChatz HD: This camera includes a built-in treat dispenser and two-way audio, allowing you to interact with your dog. Nest Cam

Indoor: This camera includes two-way audio and can be controlled through an app on your smartphone.

Leave Music or the TV On

Leaving the television or music on can be an effective way to provide your dog with some companionship and background noise while you’re away, helping to minimize feelings of anxiety and stress. It’s crucial to be selective about what you play, opting for music or programs that are known to be calming and soothing for dogs.

Benefits of leaving music or the TV on:

There are several benefits to leaving on the TV or music, including preventing destructive behavior and boredom by keeping your dog entertained and engaged. Furthermore, it can help mask any external sounds that may be causing your dog discomforts, such as thunder or fireworks.

When selecting what to play, classical music and nature sounds have been shown to have a calming effect on dogs. Additionally, there are specific shows and videos designed to keep dogs mentally stimulated and entertained, making them an excellent option to play when you’re away.

Create a Comfortable and Safe Space

Making a comfortable and secure space for your dog while you’re away can have a positive impact on their mental and emotional well-being, helping to minimize feelings of anxiety and stress. This involves ensuring that your dog has access to a comfortable bed, their favorite toys, and sufficient fresh water.

Benefits of creating a comfortable and safe space:

The benefits of creating a comfortable and safe space for your dog are numerous. By providing a familiar and cozy environment, you can help to alleviate their anxiety and stress, which may also prevent them from engaging in destructive or problematic behavior.

To create a comfortable and safe space for your dog, it’s important to provide a soft bed in a quiet and peaceful area of your home.

Leaving your dog’s favorite toys and chews in the space can also help to keep them entertained and occupied.

Additionally, ensure that the area is secure and free of any potential hazards, and make sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water.

Use Adaptil Pheromone Product

Adaptil and Feliway are synthetic pheromones that imitate the calming effects of natural pheromones produced by dogs and cats, which can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress in your pets.

Benefits of using Adaptil for dogs:

The use of Adaptil can offer numerous benefits for dogs, such as reducing stress and anxiety levels, preventing destructive behavior, and improving overall well-being.

Adaptil is available in various forms such as a diffuser, collar, or spray. It’s important to choose the appropriate form based on your pet’s needs and preferences. Moreover, using Adaptil in combination with other methods such as creating a comfortable space, providing toys, or leaving music on can enhance its effectiveness in keeping your dog happy and content while you’re away.

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